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Free up your hands for adjusting instead of note-taking. Invest in the KCSC Digital Seminar Notes now and study from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


These digital notes mirror the content presented during the seminar, covering topics such as KCSC Adjusting, Spinal Thermography, and X-Ray Analysis.


Once your purchase is finalized, expect to receive the KCSC Digital Seminar Notes via email during the week of the seminar to your registered e-mail address.


* Microsoft Powerpoint required.

KCSC Digital Seminar Slides

    1. KCSC Adjusting: Our intensive training program develops world-class chiropractors with the manual skill of adjusting upper cervical subluxations.
    2. KCSC Spinal Thermography: Understand the neurology of subluxation using Pattern Analysis as an objective approach knowing when an adjustment is clincally necessary.
    3. KCSC X-Ray Analysis: Learn how to use anatomical landmarks to accurately measure the misalignment component of subluxation, using static and functional x-rays.
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