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KCSC Leadership

Principled. Scientific. Results.

We are dedicated to cultivating the world's foremost knee chest upper cervical chiropractors. Our team is unwavering in its commitment to advancing this specialized technique and training chiropractors to excel as doctors who restore health even in the most challenging cases.

Principled: While many chiropractic techniques today focus solely on symptom management, often neglecting true health restoration, KCSC embraces a vitalistic approach. We work in harmony with the body's innate intelligence to address the root cause of dysfunction: subluxation. By facilitating adjustments, we empower the body's innate capacity to restore health from within.

Scientific: Our training equips chiropractors with cutting-edge methods for detecting and addressing subluxations. Utilizing spinal thermography provides real-time insights into subluxation neurology, eliminating the guesswork associated with traditional methods. Our advanced X-ray analysis, incorporating both static and functional positioning, ensures 100% accuracy in identifying subluxation listings and discerning whether the major subluxation is the Atlas or Axis vertebra.

Results: As BJ Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic, noted, the adjustment is a critical aspect of chiropractic care. Our rigorous training program is designed to transform chiropractors into elite adjustors. Through intensive drills and personalized instruction, we hone their adjustment skills to achieve reproducible results consistently. KCSC chiropractors are renowned for their efficiency and effectiveness in getting sick people well where other treatments have failed.

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